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AmBank offers a quick way to transfer funds by means of wire from our bank to another financial institution that accepts wire transfers. For a small fee of $12.00, AmBank can transfer any amount of collected guaranteed funds to a designated financial institution within the USA. To wire funds internationally, AmBank charges a fee of $37. This service is strictly available to AmBank customers only. When requesting to transfer fund by wire, please provide the receiving financial institutionís wire instructions.

Safety Deposit Boxes

The Safety Deposit Box is a safe way to store oneís own personal items. AmBank does offer the use of safety deposit boxes to our customers. Safety deposit boxes are fireproof and enclosed behind a secure vault. Our safety deposit boxes range in 4 different sizes: 3 inches tall by 5 in. wide, 3 in tall by 10 in wide, 5 in tall by 10 in wide, or 10 in tall by 10 in wide. All Safety Deposit Boxes are 22 in deep. The following table shows the Safety Deposit Boxes sizes compared to their annual rental fee.

Sizes Annual Rental Fee
3x5x22 $12
3x10x22 $20
5x10x22 $25
10x10x22 $45

With all Safety Deposit Boxes, a one time refundable $10.00 key deposit is required at opening of Safety Deposit Boxes.

Time Deposit Certificate

The Time Deposit Certificate is an excellent way to earn interest with your money. Our time deposits offer competitive tiered interest rates ranging from 3 months to 5 years. Interest is figured daily and paid monthly. With AmBankís Time Deposit Certificates, interest may be transferred to an existing account, paid by mailed check, or capitalized back onto the Time Deposit Certificates. AmBank may charge a fee for early closing of a Time Deposit Certificates.

The annual percentage yield assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.

We may impose a penalty if you withdraw any of the principal before the maturity date. For an account with a term of 31 days or less, the penalty will be seven days' interest on the amount withdrawn. the penalty will equal to 1 month's interest for accounts greater than 31 days to 1 year OR 3 months interest for accounts greater than one year.